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Natural City (Region 3)(2-DVD Edition)(Award-Winning)
Yoo Ji Tae , Jung Doo Hong , Lee Jae Eun
Natural City (Region 3)(2-DVD Edition)(Award-Winning)

Language : Korean
Subtitle : Korean,English
Media : DVD Region 3
Genre : Sci-Fi
# of Disc : 2 Disc
Product code : 1300257
Other Info : KD Media Entertainment (Korea)
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Special Features:

  • Audio Commentary By Cast & Crew  
  • Trailers
  • TV Spots
  • Documentaries
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Interviews
  • Featurettes
  • Galleries
  • More...

    Featuring actor Yoo Ji Tae and directed by Min Byung Chul has been shooting since last November and is an SF movie based in the year 2080. The story is about the fight between men who are trying to create a warrior cyborg and the police, and there is an element of romance between an officer and a female cyborg.

    In the year 2080, human clones with artificial intelligence replace manual labor in Natural City. Each clone has its own expiry, but few are willing to accept the fate of recycling. A "MP" force is therefore formed to dig out those expired clones. "R", a member of the "MP" force who falls for an expired female clone Ria, does not want to be left helpless to see Ria being terminated. "R" finds out that Dr. Croy knows the trick to continue the life of Ria. Could "R" save the life of his beloved?

    "Natural city" is a blockbuster sci-fi Korean flick costing over 7 billion Korean won in production. Starring Yoo Ji-tae from "Into The Mirror", the film revolves around a love tale and is filled with stunning visual effects and cyber scenes which make the film stand out from the rest of the Korean pictures.

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