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Gackt : Diabolos (CD)
Gackt : Diabolos (CD)

Media : CD
Genre : Music
# of Disc : 1 Disc
Released : August 2005
Product code : 2400068
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Gackt's new album. Expected to contains 10 tracks including "Black Stone," "Metamorphoze," and "Todokanai Ai to Shiitteitainoni Osaekirezuni Aishi Tsuzuketa."

4. ASH
10. ROAD

Customer Reviews.   SOURCE :

*Great 2007/05/08
Reviewer: HEDOfloe (UNITED STATES) 5
This album is amazing from start to finish. The first track, Misty, is an instrumental that merges perfectly into the second track. The beggining tracks are more emotional and then around black stone, it breaks out into more fun and the last track is a great closer.

*Another Gackt Album 2007/05/03
Reviewer: gwyllgi (UNITED STATES) 3
This album is a welcome relief after the drivel that was Love Letter, but I can't help thinking 'eh, another Gackt album'. It's a welcome echo of his older style with perhaps a bit more MOON than Mars, but nothing about it really sticks out to me. I enjoy Road but can't remember the names of the majority of the other tracks; it's like Love Letter in that there's not a lot of variance from track to track.

Gackt fans will adore it, because it's Gackt. It has the same good vocals you've come to expect from Gackt, it just doesn't have much else to set it apart.

Reviewer: Andrew (UNITED STATES) 5
This is easily one of Gackt's BEST ALBUMS!!! It's beautiful in EVERYWAY. It's more of a Rock album than Pop, so be wary! BUT IT'S AN AMAZING ALBUM

*Amazing !!! 2007/01/20
Reviewer: jloslave (TURKEY) 5
impressive, suprising, excitable, hopefull

amazing lyrics, perfect voice with flawless melodies gackt maked a wonderful job.

my favs are ash and metamorphoze. u will like it

*Diabolos 2006/09/29
Reviewer: Katsu (UNITED STATES) 4
A good album, filled with powerful fast beat songs. I don't feel that this is Gakuto's best album though, most of the songs were reletively the same, with slightly different beats and lyrics =/=/=/

*Gackt - DIABOLOS 2006/09/07
Reviewer: Genogackt (ITALY) 3
This is the last album of Gackt, but, for me this not the best...He introduce a new sound, but, I don't like it...Some songs are nices, like Metamorphoze, Farewell and Road...and they are powerfull, but I privilege the old Gackt...

*Awsome! 2006/07/29
Reviewer: Martha J. (MEXICO) 4
Excelent choice for those who love rockish Gackt. I really liked his strong voice and the selection of instruments. As always, Gackt improving even on the simple things. IT shouts to the whole world there's a lot of Gackt yet to come. He hasn't lost that thing of storytelling in his albums, which I love. Definetly one of my favorites.

*Gackt is back to his true form! 2006/07/03
Reviewer: Rafael PAWAA (BRAZIL) 5
Well, all I can say is that DIABOLOS is really GREAT.
Gackt's Love Letter wasn't very good, but now, with this album, he proves that he can still do great and heavy songs.

*One of his BEST ALBUMS~! 2006/06/24
Reviewer: Rika (SINGAPORE) 5
Beside MARS & Crescent, this is one of my favourite Gackt's albums ^-^ It has been in my CD player since i opened it and i have never took it out

*much better~ 2006/06/19
Reviewer: Maki (UNITED STATES) 3
This album is far better than Love Letter, and is a return to Gackts blend of rock and pop styles that was missing in the previous album. Though i still wouldn't say its anywhere near as good as Moon, Rebirth, or Mars, its definately a step back in the right direction. Acrylic Plastic Acrylic Drain Dish drainer clear dish drainer
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