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Spring Waltz (KBS Korean TV Series) (US Version)
AKA : Endless Love 4
Danniel Henney , Seo Do Young , Lee So Yeon , Han Hyo Joo
Spring Waltz

Language : Korean
Subtitle : English
Media : DVD Region 1
Genre : Drama Romantic
Duration : 20 Episodes ( 7 Discs )
Released : April 2007
Product code : 1200022USA
Other Info : YA Entertainment (US)
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The original flagbearer of the Korean Wave, renowned producer Yoon Suk Ho has won over fans all over Asia with his "season" dramas, starting in 2000 with the classic Tale of Autumn (a.k.a. Endless Love) starring Song Seung Heon, Song Hye Kyo, and Won Bin. He followed up in 2002 with the heartwrenching Winter Sonata starring Bae Yong Jun and Choi Ji Woo. These two dramas were phenomenally popular in Korea and throughout Asia, transforming the leads into international stars and even helping to boost Korea's tourism industry. In 2003, Song Seung Heon returned for the third installment, Summer Scent, opposite Son Yae Jin. Three years later, Yoon presented the fourth and final chapter of the seasons quartet, Spring Waltz, a quiet drama about a romance born one spring on a small, isolated island.

Left in a small island town by his gambling father, young Lee Su Ho meets the sickened Suh Eun Young, and they become good friends. Even when Su Ho's unscrupulous father steals Eun Young's family's money, the two remain steadfast in their friendship. A tragic twist of fate, however, forces them to separate, with Su Ho eventually getting adopted by a wealthy couple. Fifteen years later, Su Ho is now Yoon Jae Ha (Seo Do Young), a loner piano prodigy with a loving family and a fiancee (Lee So Yeon), and Eun Young (Han Hyo Ju) has a suitor in the suave Philip (Daniel Henney). Jae Ha and Eun Young's lives seem set in every way until the childhood sweethearts cross paths once more...

Spring Waltz features a refreshing cast of relatively new faces. Leads Seo Do Young (Emperor of the Sea) and Han Hyo Ju (My Boss, My Teacher) make a charmingly photogenic couple, while Lee So Yeon (Super Rookie) displays surprising range. Perhaps shining the most brightly is Korean American heartthrob Daniel Henney (My Lovely Sam-Soon) who shows off both his charisma and his language skills. Beautifully shot and wistfully romantic, Spring Waltz is a fitting finale to the seasonal drama series. Acrylic Plastic Acrylic Drain Dish drainer clear dish drainer
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