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Poongsan (All Region DVD)(Korean Movie)
Kim Kyu Ri , Yoon Kye Sang , Odagiri Joe
Poongsan (All Region DVD)(Korean Movie)

Language : Korean
Subtitle : English,Chinese S T(What is it ?)
Media : DVD All region NTSC Format
# of Disc : 1 Disc
Product code : 1300354
Other Info : PMP Entertainment
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  1. Japanese actor Odagiri Joe makes a cameo appearance in "Poongsan" as a North Korean soldier. Previously, Joe Odagiri worked with the film's writer & producer Kim Ki-Duk in his film "Dream". While filming "Dream," Joe Odagiri promised to appear in the next film directed by Juhn Jai-Hong who worked as a staff member on the set of "Dream". Opportunity arose while Joe Odagiri came to South Korea to act in the WWII film "My Way". During a break, Joe Odagiri travelled by car for 6 hours to Hwaseong City, a city in Gyeonggi Province, and spent 30 minutes on the set filming one scene as a North Korean border guard.

Directed by Juhn Jai Hong
Produced by Kim Ki Dook
Written by Kim Ki Dook

Poongsan, whose real name is never revealed, is a mysterious messenger who crosses the demarcation line between the two Koreas, delivering letters and cherished heirlooms between separated families in Seoul and Pyongyang.

One day he is commissioned by South Korean government agents with the task of smuggling in In-ok, the beautiful lover of a high-ranking North Korean defector, into the South. Yet things take an unexpected turn when the deliveryman falls for the young woman, but their romance is put in jeopardy by the obstacles they encounter. Acrylic Plastic Acrylic Drain Dish drainer clear dish drainer
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