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Arashi - Around Asia 2008 in TOKYO (All Region)(Japanese Musice DVD)(2DVD)
Arashi - Around Asia 2008 in TOKYO (All Region)(Japanese Musice DVD)(2DVD)

Language : Japanese
Media : DVD All region NTSC Format
Genre : Music
# of Disc : 2 Disc
Product code : 2400012
Other Info : Advance Sound Production Entertainment
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Live DVD release from Arashi featuring footage of the live "ARASHI Around Asia 2008 in Tokyo" at Kasumigaseki (NAASH.) This is their second concert tour in Asia. Includes the tracks "truth / Kaze no Mukou e," "One Love," "Step and Go," "Re(mark)able (the track created for this Asian Tour)," and more! Also includes documentary of rehearsal, recording of the track "Re(mark)able," and more.

Customer Reviews   Source :

*Wonderful experience 2009/05/27
Reviewer: Rikke (DENMARK) 5
This concert is a must for all fans of Arashi. The set-list is amazing with a lot of fan favourites, and the boys are goofing around, having a rampant good time.

*in one word : mesmerizing 2009/05/13
Reviewer: annys (MALAYSIA) 4
first of all you'll be surprised at how huge the venue is.
arashi themselves were wonderful.beautiful stage effects and choreography under the night will be hard to get your eyes off the screen while watching it.
even the backstage part was fun.
this is certainly a great buy.

*...arashi fan,,must buy!! 2009/04/26
Reviewer: Yo Chan (INDONESIA) 4
big live ARASHI....great location and great audience,,worthed to buy ^^
the members really come with full energy,,,so you can feel you want to shout,,to follow them!!

*A Great Concert!!! 2009/04/21
Reviewer: Kel_SatoSho_ParJung (CHILE) 5
'AAA 2008' is the best concert I have ever seen!!!... ARASHI is AMAZING in every song, coreography and performances!! ... EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!!

I love them MUCH MORE now!!! (if this is possible!! ^.^)

If you're thinking buy it, please DO IT!!! You won't regret... there is nothing like this...


*Loving it! 2009/04/09
Reviewer: Barbara (CHILE) 5
This is the best concert I've ever seen. Everything is totally amazing, the music, the dance... everything!!

I thought I really liked Arashi, but after watching AAA 2008 I love them 1000000 times more!

Buy it! You won't regret...
If you like Arashi, there is nothing like this...

Watch it in a big TV!!!

*The best so far from ARASHI 2009/04/06
Reviewer: Asuka (INDONESIA) 5
5 members of ARASHI, fans, live band, atmosphere, stadium, open air and even the weather sums up to made this concert is the best concert I have ever seen. Great song list and so full of energy from the moment it start until the end.
ARASHI marked their 10th years with a blast. This is more than a concert, it's a milestone. This is the place where they blew out storm into the world.



 Disc 1

  3. Love So Sweet
  4. OH Yeah
  5. "Kitto Daijōbu"
  6. "La Tormenta 2004"
  7. "Happiness"
  8. "Hadashi no Mirai"
  9. "Aozora Pedal"
  10. "Hello Goodbye" (Masaki Aiba solo)
  11. "Subarashiki Sekai"
  12. "Tomadoi Nagara"
  13. "Still..."
  14. "Lucky Man"
  15. "Take Me Faraway" (Satoshi Ohno solo)
  16. "Niji" (Kazunari Ninomiya solo)
  17. "Smile"
  18. "Wave"
  19. "Carnival Night Part 2"
  20. "Kaze no Mukō e"

Disc 2

  1. "Re(mark)able"
  2. "Truth"
  3. "Step and Go"
  4. "A Day in Our Life"
  5. "Tell Me What You Wanna Be?" (Jun Matsumoto solo)
  6. "Ichioku No Hoshi"
  7. "Sirius"
  8. "Hip Pop Boogie" (Sho Sakurai solo)
  9. "Arashi"
  10. "Pikanchi Double"
  11. "Asu Ni Mukatte Hoeru"
  12. "One Love"
  13. .....
  14. ...
  15. ...
  16. ...
  17. ...
  18. WISH
  19. .....

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