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No Blood, No Tears (Korean Movie DVD)
AKA : No Blood No Tears
Jun Do Yeon , Lee Hye Young , Jung Jae Young
No Blood, No Tears (Korean Movie DVD)

Language : Korean,Thai
Subtitle : English,Thai
Media : DVD All region NTSC Format
Genre : Action
# of Disc : 1 Disc
Released : 2002
Product code : 1300433
Other Info : J-Bics Entertainment (Th)
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No Blood No Tears, which is a translation of the graphic and gritty Korean expression ``pido nunmuldo opsi," colloquial for ``no mercy" is the title of Ryu Seung-Wan's second feature film. It obviously doesn't indicate how much blood or tears the movie contains, but the director doesn't care how much of either flows on the screen.

The young director, mercilessly, portrays the bottomed-out people in society in his hard-boiled action film, which opens on Friday.

The description "action film " may be inappropriate, as Ryu has a well-tightened plot for his blood-filled piece. He said he'd like to call it a ``pulp noir."

Ryu, an unknown cine-kid in his mid-twenties and a big fan of Jackie Chan, instantly made himself Korean cinema's sweetheart with his feature debut, Die Bad, in 2000. The low-budget movie, made with only 65 million won and shot with 16mm film, was an absolute cult hit in the summer of 2000, attracting about 80,000 viewers to theaters and garnering unanimous rave reviews from critics and media.

It was also presented at the Rotterdam International Film Festival, the Tokyo Filmex 2000 competition, and many other international film festivals.

Ryu's remarkable talents in delineating down-to-earth characters, which was brilliantly demonstrated in his feature debut, which incorporated four short films, is still the most telling merit of his movie-making in this new release.

He spent 2.3 billion won making his movie this time, 40 times as much as the last time, with Joen Do-yeon, who is the most sought-after actress in the film business and Lee Hae-young, who came back to the silver screen after an absence of seven years

Joen stars as an abusing ex-boxer's girlfriend Sujin, who betrays him for money, while Lee is a gangster-turned-taxi-driver, Kyong-son, who's stuck in a financial deadlock.

Along with Jeon Do-Yeon and Lee Hye-Yeong, ``No Blood" shows off a cast of acclaimed supporting actors, including Baek Il-Seop and Shin Gu.

Action director Jeong Du-Hong makes his acting debut here as a character who never speaks. Seeing the most popular action director ``act" on the screen as himself, not as a stunt double, is another bonus of watching ``No Blood" Jeong Jae-Yeong, as the ex-boxer Puldok _ his ``biggest part ever" he said _ shows sincere and hardheaded acting.

The plot unfolds as Sujin schemes to steal a big black duffel bag from an illegal dog-fighting spot inside an abandoned ship, which her boyfriend Puldok manages. So, there's lots of money and lots of desires, and consequently thrilling action, including chases and plot twists.

The scenes are abundant with violence viewed from a matter-of-fact attitude. But the movie itself doesn't feel as violent as the lavishly destructive Hollywood blockbusters or now-in-fashion Korean gangster movies, as director Ryu keeps a firm command on his characters with a deep understanding of the marginal lives they lead.

She drives a cab on the nightshift and meets every scum there is. Gyung-sun lives a scanty life day by day, but she used to be a professional safecracker that earned her the nickname, "Leather Jacket." Once she was a hot item, now she's all washed up. On the job, she relieves her fatigue with tonic beverages, and finishes a cigarette with just one drag, but she gets by the day clinging on to the chance that someday she'll meet her only hope in life, her daughter.

But the world doesn't seem to let her have things that easy. She's still haunted by her dark past as this third-rate gangster keeps threatening her to pay back the money her ex-husband ran away with. Then one day she meets a girl named Soo-jin, who is a spitting image of herself back when she had it made. With Soo-jin's help she gets fed up with her dire circumstances, and finally decides to do something about it. To live for tomorrow, she fights the world for a day.

She used to be a round girl for the ring and now she wants to be a famous singer. She carries both a pretty smile and tears in her eyes. Her name's Soo-jin but people mostly remember her as "Sunglass Girl." She lives with her vicious boyfriend, Bulldog, who never leaves her alone and beats on her, especially when he gets drunk. But her inevitable meeting with Gyung-sun emboldens her to take off the sunglasses that is hiding her scar. After waiting and enduring long enough, she stands up to make a complete change in her life. To live for tomorrow, she stands against the world today.

A dog fighting ring that's overflowing with money, power, and desire. The stakes are getting higher and people are getting richer. The gamblers feed off a dog-eats-dog world since as the ring is filled with macho men whose golden years are of the pastime. The money that goes into the pot is something even the slumiest of the slums would love to get their hands on.. The only problem is that Bulldog operates the ring and a ruthless loan shark, named KGB, owns the business. No would ever think of taking the money and running with until Soo-jin and Gyung-sun show up. Acrylic Plastic Acrylic Drain Dish drainer clear dish drainer
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