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White Spring (Japanese TV Drama DVD)
AKA : Shiroi Haru
Abe Hiroshi , Ohashi Nozomi , Yoshitaka Yuriko , Endo Yuya , Konno Mahiru
White Spring (Japanese TV Drama DVD)

Language : Japanese
Subtitle : English,Chinese S T(What is it ?)
Media : DVD All region NTSC Format
Genre : Drama Family
Duration : 11 Episodes ( 3 Discs )
Released : June 2009
Product code : 2200527
Other Info : MPEG Entertainment
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Former yakuza Haruo is finally released from prison after completing his sentence. With nine years worth of prison gratuities in hand, he stops at a restaurant to enjoy a good meal, but all of his money ends up being stolen. With nothing left, he spends the night at a net cafe, and he manages to look up his old friend from his yakuza days. When Haruo visits the next day, he learns that his old girlfriend Mariko was living with another man, but later died of illness. Haruo, who had committed murder 9 years earlier to earn the money for Mariko's medical treatment, is shocked and angered. He decides to track down that other man, who runs a bakery with his wife and daughter Sachi. Haruo later runs into Sachi at the park, but he has yet to find out the truth about her.

What J-drama lovers have to say about this drama :                                      source :

1.  Comments by Susan [Rating: 8/10]
This was a really good drama that took me a couple episodes to get into. I really enjoyed the double-father dynamic with Abe Hiroshi and Endo Kenichi, and those scenes were some of the best of the entire series. But overall this drama has left me with a bad taste in my mouth. How could it end like that? I never would have imagined that would happen and it seemed both random and tacked on at the end. This drama could have used another episode.
2.  Comments by jessiesoon [Rating: 7/10]
abe hiroshi is talented and nozomi-chan is good tho she's very young...
3.  Comments by compaqmac321 [Rating: 10/10]
one of the best shows of the season....this topic just isnt discussed, great show, great acting, great casting, even tho it had a CRAzy ENDING its gets a 10 from me!!!!
4.  Comments by Jeanxi [Rating: 9/10]
This drama started off with a bang and ended with a bang. Although the plot was a bit slow at times in the middle, overall, this drama did not fail to bring tears and laughter to every episode. I'm pretty sure if I showed a recording of my behavior while watching this drama, everyone would think I'm crazy since I would be laughing so hard, but then after 10 minutes I would just start sobbing. The ending was really shocking and came out of absolutely nowhere. I think I would be much happier if they did a more normal or funny ending.

In regards to the acting/cast, I loved Abe Hiroshi's performance in this drama. Actually, I love everyone in the main cast of this drama since they all did a great job portraying their roles and bringing emotional depth to the story. Although, the child actress in the series was not the greatest at acting, she never failed to be cute so I can forgive her sometimes strained smiles =P (I'm starting to think that is just the way she normally smiles) I think my favorite character in the drama was probably Shiori, though, and it seems impossible to not like the actress who plays Shiori (Yoshitaka). Even when I saw her on a game show, she was really funny and cute ^^
5.  Comments by Kuro570 [Rating: 9/10]
Very touching story of a father and daughter that don't quite know each other.
6.  Comments by PaperCaged [Rating: 9/10]
This show just left me feeling sad, especially after the ending. The scenes between the father and daughter made me smile, but then it'd always be heart wrenching when thinking about it afterward. I like how there were the relationships on the side between Haruo and Shiori/Yuki. Yoshitaka Yuriko really stood out in the drama.
7.  Comments by xploring [Rating: 8/10]
Excellent acting performances from the entire cast was the best thing about this drama for me. Abe Hiroshi delivered his best performance from what I have seen. Konno Mahiru, Shiraishi Miho and Yoshitaka Yuriko all shone at times, but there were very little focus on their characters, I wish they were developed a lot more and had subplots of their own. The first half was really good, and although the second half felt a bit ordinary for me, I would think this is still one of the best dramas this year. Nice, simple story, but well-told.
8.  Comments by hisashi [Rating: 8/10]
Very heartwarming drama. Good chemistry between abe and his daughter, but ending a bit too sudden and rush.
9.  Comments by gaijinmark [Rating: 8/10]
Would have given this a 9 if not for that ending. But still a real good drama. Great performances from Abe, Yoshitaka, and Endo Kenichi.
9.  Comments by Ezalor [Rating: 8/10]
Interesting, unique idea and very good actors. The character development is thoughtful and convincing. But some parts get a bit too long, that is boring. The very good and thoughtful end (Sacchi's father gets the bad leg) was beautiful.
10.  Comments by aik0 [Rating: 7/10]
Story is cliche; but the performance of the lead actor makes it up, not much drama thou, thought the plot is under-developed.
11.  Comments by nuts [Rating: 9/10]
I'd love to give it a 10, but since the ending was just so @W#$%^&* , just 9 then. A bit predictable and slow pace, but that didn't really matter when you got a great acting play from all of the casts and an amazing storyline. Just PERFECT!! Oops, sorry, almost perfect.. However I don't like the ending at all...
12.  Comments by maguro666 [Rating: 8/10]
Very touching and feel good kind of drama. I actually watch the final ep when I was visiting Japan.
13.  Comments by Signo [Rating: 8/10]
maybe the best of 2009. abe acts brilliant, the story is ok.
14.  Comments by bmwracer [Rating: 9/10]
Excellent, award-winning performance by Abe Hiroshi. Be prepared to be emotionally moved by this heartwarming story.
55.  Comments by zhirong [Rating: 9/10]
Would be a perfect 10 if the ending wasn't a little let down. Watch out for Abe Hiroshi's superb acting in this drama. Acrylic Plastic Acrylic Drain Dish drainer clear dish drainer
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