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S.H.E ( CD + DVD )

Language : Mandarin
Media : CD + DVD
Genre : Music
# of Disc : 2 Disc
Released : September 2008
Product code : 3400008
Other Info : Grammy (Thailand)
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FM S.H.E (Future Radio Edition) comes with a DVD featuring music video and behind-the-scenes footage.

Tune in to the latest sound on FM S.H.E. Mando-pop fans all over the globe have been waiting in anticipation for new songs from Taiwan's beloved trio S.H.E. The girls invite music lovers to their latest twelve tracks including the space-sound dance tune "Miss Universe" which promises to stir up a new trend. The album also comes with highlights from S.H.E.'s online radio program. Without a doubt Taiwan's foremost female group, the threesome is ready to conquer the hearts of their fans once more this fall.

01. 早安您好
02. 我愛煩惱
03. 宇宙小姐 (達芙妮廣告曲姐妹作)
04. 沿海公路的出口
05. 天亮了
06. 比你賤 (featuring周定緯)
07. 喜碧夫人時間
08. 女孩當自強 (Top Girl年度廣告曲)
09. 安靜了
10. 我是火星人
11. 612星球
12. 店小二
13. 熬夜DJ
14. 月光手札
15. 酸甜 (S.H.E、飛輪海合唱)蒙牛酸酸乳廣告曲

01. 封面拍攝花絮
02. 宇宙小姐MV拍攝花絮
03. 宇宙小姐MV
04. 酸甜MV拍攝花絮
05. 酸甜MV Acrylic Plastic Acrylic Drain Dish drainer clear dish drainer
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