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Transparent / Satorare (Japanese TV Drama DVD)
AKA : Satorare
Tsuruta Mayu , Odagiri Joe , Kanda Uno , Koike Eiko , Sugimoto Tetta , Sasaki Kuranosuke , Nekoze Tsubaki

Language : Japanese
Subtitle : English,Chinese S T(What is it ?)
Media : DVD All region NTSC Format
Genre : Drama
Duration : 10 Episodes ( 3 Discs )
Released : November 2008
Product code : 2200503
Other Info : MPEG Entertainment
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Kenichi (Joe), a young, good-hearted doctor, suffers from a rare syndrome whereby his feelings cannot be hidden => such people are known as "satorare" and their well-being come under special government protection.

As all the young doctor's thoughts/feelings are always heard by hospital colleagues, this creates much inconvenience to them and they try to drive him away. In steps a beautiful female doctor (Mayu) who tries to shield him from the cruel reality of his uniqueness. As a result, Kenichi falls in love with her and his feelings are broadcast through his thoughts to everyone around him.

  • Hear what people said about the series.  Source :

    1.  highly recommend [Rating: 10/10]
    great acting by Joe. very touching and fun. really makes you laugh!!
    Reviewed by mayc on 14 July 2003
    2.  romantic comedy [Rating: 9/10]
    very good drama. so funny! every episode made me laugh. even though its a comedy it made me reevalute my life and how different it must be to be a satorare. v. scary thought. you dont really want to kno what's going on inside my head. its touching and funny at the same time watching a guy fall inl love with a girl all the while you can hear what he's thinking about. satome is such a romantic. i also liked that there was no set bad guy to overcome.
    Reviewed by sabriel on 8 August 2003
    3.  Transparent Review [Rating: 8/10]
    This was the first drama I ever watched. I loved it so much that it "broke" me into the drama scene. Coming into this drama I thought this is just another one of those crazy concepts the Japanese make up like battle chefs or those crazy games shows.You can always count on the Japanese to come up with unique concepts for their dramas. This is a very unique and entertaining concept. Once in awhile you need something diffrent form the usual love story drama.
    A very well designed point about this drama is how a viewer can so easily relate to the character of Kenichi. Each episode had me cheering him on! A drama that can do that is worth the experience.
    Reviewed by Uchiha Potato on 6 October 2003
    4.  what a drama!!!! [Rating: 10/10]
    one of the best japanese drama i've watched!!!! the story is different... this drama is amazing.. all cast in this drama are very good. i can't stop laughing..! jo and mayu made such a cute couple! they both are magnificient..
    Reviewed by iedot on 14 October 2003
    5.  Great Concept [Rating: 9/10]
    I think this drama is worth watching simply because they had a great concept to begin with, and they milked it for all its worth. They pretty much exhausted every possibly regarding the topic of his thoughts being heard by everyone. Nevermind it being unrealistic, I enjoyed it just because it is supposed to be entertaining, and that's exactly what it did: entertained the idea of a person whose thoughts can be heard by people around him. There is of course a message to be conveyed, and positive human traits are expressed here.
    The characters are great in here, and best of all, the story is smooth, but I have come to expect that out of these dramas anyway. There's hardly a slow moment and the plot progresses evenly, so it makes this a fun show to watch!
    Reviewed by Hiro Toyo on 26 January 2004
    6.  highly recommended [Rating: 10/10]
    guess what, i took a day to finish this drama.. i was glued to it the whole night till the morning..
    really love joe in this drama~
    i dont mind havin a satorare near me.. =P
    Reviewed by juliana_phang on 24 June 2004
    7.  satorare [Rating: 10/10]
    i really really like joe in this drama. he's so cuteeeee and kakkoiiii!!! ... happy ending
    Reviewed by TeruJoe on 14 March 2005
    8.  highly recommended!! [Rating: 10/10]
    so funny....
    Reviewed by joe_cute on 21 March 2005
    9.  good... [Rating: 9/10]
    i've just watch this dorama yesterday and i really think that the drama is very worthy to watch...odagiri kun potrayed the character very well in this dorama...
    Reviewed by chika on 8 June 2005
    10.  kawaii,, [Rating: 10/10]
    so cute,,
    Reviewed by MoRe^ReeN on 26 June 2005
    11.  satorare [Rating: 10/10]
    This is seriously a MASTERPIECE!!! hahahahaahha a MUST SEE. I don't think i've ever seen such a harmonious balance between the good/the sad/the funny/the romantic. Joe Odagiri portrays such an innocent character who meets the charming and sharp Mayu Tsuruta in the most UNEXPECTED way. DAMNNN....i love love love love this.
    Reviewed by iheartpandas on 19 January 2006
    12.  Very touching [Rating: 10/10]
    Loved the drama.

    Loved the part where he operates on his mother to cure her cancer only to find out it's too late. The suddenly slience moment had so much feel in it.

    Cried hard @ the part where joe kneel @ the roof top to cry.
    I even feel like crying when thinking of the scene.
    Reviewed by yuki ando on 2 February 2006

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