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Thank you (Japanese - Spanish Sub Available)(US Version)
AKA : We Were There / There We Were
Jang Hyuk , Kong Hyo Jin , Shin Sung Rok , Kim Sung Eun
Thank you

Language : Korean
Subtitle : Japanese,English,Spanish
Media : Region 1, 4
Genre : Drama Romantic
Duration : 16 Episodes ( 6 Discs )
Released : March 2007
Product code : 1200312USA
Other Info : MBC America - US Version
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Special Features include:

  • Best Gag Reels
  • Sthe specticular cast of Thank you
  • All about (Thank you)
  • Shu Shin Ae and her camera

MBC drama Thank You marks the long-awaited comeback of Jang Hyuk, who recently returned to acting after completing his military service. Airing in a competitive slot, Thank You began broadcast in comparatively low-profile fashion against dramas like Devil and A Witch in Love, and slowly but surely stole viewers' hearts with its touching story. Written by Lee Kyung Hee of I Am Sorry, I Love You fame, this sensitive romantic drama is a gentle tearjerker that celebrates both the laughter and the tears that life brings. A visibly more mature Jang Hyuk displays great range as a self-centered doctor whose life changes when he meets a single mother and her HIV-positive daughter, portrayed respectively by Kong Hyo Jin (Sang Doo! Let's Go to School) and adorable child actress Seo Shin Ae, who recently featured in the Park Kwang Su film Meet Mr. Daddy. The drama also co-stars Shin Sung Rok (Hyena) and Kim Seung Eun (Three Leaf Clover).

Doctor Min Ki Seo (Jang Hyuk) is unbearably arrogant and always looks down on other people. After losing his job, he ends up living on a small island, renting from single mother Lee Young Shin (Kong Hyo Jin) with whom he is always bickering. Ever since her daughter Bom (Seo Shin Ae) was diagnosed with HIV, Young Shin has worked hard to care for Bom, keeping a strong face and cheery front despite the difficulties and discrimination. Touched by the mother and daughter's love and strength, Ki Seo finds himself slowly changing as arguments give way to affection. But not even Ki Seo and Young Shin can protect Bom from what lies ahead. Acrylic Plastic Acrylic Drain Dish drainer clear dish drainer
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