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Truth (MBC TV Drama) (US Version)
AKA : Honesty / 진실 / Jin Shil
Choi Ji Woo , Son Ji Chang , Park Sun Young , Ryu Shi Won
Truth (MBC TV Drama) (US Version)

Language : Korean
Subtitle : English
Media : DVD All region NTSC Format
Genre : Action
Duration : 16 Episodes ( 6 Discs )
Released : January 2008
Product code : 1200303USA
Other Info : YA Entertainment
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Special Features: ( English Subtitles)

  • Trailers
  • Making of
  • Interviews
  • Deleted Scenes

Before Winter Sonata and Stairway to Heaven, Choi Ji Woo starred in the classic 2000 MBC drama Truth, one of the ten highest-rated Korean dramas of all time. The popular K-drama heroine is as sweet and charming as ever in this Cinderella-like tale of pure love and tragic deception. Truth, a.k.a. Honesty, opens with a shocking incident and unfolds in flashback to reveal the long history and intertwined lives of leads Choi Ji Woo, Ryu Si Won (Beautiful Days), and Park Sun Young (Oh! Pil Seung and Bong Soon Young). The three seem to form a strong triangle of blooming romance and longtime friendship until an accident, a betrayal, changes their lives.

Ja Young (Choi Ji Woo) and Shin Hee (Park Sun Young) have spent much of their lives growing up together, but their friendship has always been unbalanced. Ja Young's father is a chauffeur for Shin Hee's family, so the two girls live in the same house and attend the same school, but Shin Hee always takes advantage of Ja Young to cheat on her exams. Though Ja Young experiences some setbacks in order to help her friend, she eventually gets into university and catches the eyes of the young and handsome Hyun Woo (Ryu Si Won), much to Shin Hee's jealous fury. One night, the three of them go out drinking, and a terrible car accident happens with Shin Hee at the wheel, leaving Ja Young, Hyun Woo, and a pedestrian seriously injured. With everyone else unconscious, Shin Hee switches Ja Young into the driver's seat to lay the blame on her friend... Acrylic Plastic Acrylic Drain Dish drainer clear dish drainer
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