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What Happened In Bali (SBS Korean TV Drama) (US Version)
AKA : Memories of Bali / Hearts in Bali / Something happened in Bali
Ha Ji Won , So Ji Sub , Jo In Sung , Park Ye Jin
What Happened In Bali

Language : Korean
Subtitle : English
Media : DVD All region NTSC Format
Genre : Drama Romantic
Duration : 20 Episodes ( 7 Discs )
Released : August 2005
Product code : 1200273USA
Other Info : YA Entertainmnet (US)
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Following the enormous success of the Korean TV drama series Stairway to Heaven, SBS has done it again with Something Happened in Bali. Now with English subtitles, see why over 40 Percent of the Korean population tuned in to see this heartrending and intense 20-episode TV drama!

Soo-Jung (Ha Ji-Won, Damo, Secret) is an independent spirit with a difficult past, who is in Bali searching for a wealthy man to rescue her. Jae-Min (Jo In-Sung, Spring Days, Classic) is wealthy, but is irresponsible, arrogant, and uninterested in business. He is headed for an arranged marriage to Young-Joo (Park Ye-Jin, Four Sisters), but she's not yet over her recent breakup with In-Wook (So Ji-Sub, I am sorry I love You), an ambitious man of humbler means.

Young-Joo and In-Wook visit Bali to find some time alone, but they're greeted at their destination by Jae-Min. A tenuous lie averts immediate disaster, and the three embark on a tour of Bali - with Soo-Jung as their tour guide! See how far these people will go to win the zero-sum game of love and greed. Something did happen in Bali?? are you ready to find out what? Acrylic Plastic Acrylic Drain Dish drainer clear dish drainer
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