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Artificial Beauty (Japanese TV Drama)
AKA : Seikei Bijin
Yonekura Ryoko , Konishi Manami , Shiina Kippei , Kato Haruhiko , Kikuchi Maiko
Artificial Beauty (Japanese TV Drama)

Language : Japanese
Subtitle : English,Chinese T(What is it ?)
Media : DVD All region NTSC Format
Genre : Drama Romantic
Duration : 11 Episodes ( 3 Discs )
Released : July 2008
Product code : 2200033
Other Info : Empeg Entertainment
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 A woman's life all depends on her looks. So what happens if she's born ugly? This story is about a girl, nowhere near attractive, who was born where ugliness runs in the family.

This pitiful girl, who has no luck with men, thanks to her "not so pretty" looks, turned to her last resort: a face lift. She travels all the way to the Mediterranean to transform into a living beauty. Now she can finally get her hands on love and happiness. After returning to Japan, she starts a glamorous life as a fashion model: something she had always longed for.

Still, day after day, she is obsessed with the feeling that her big secret may come to light. The face lift was able to change her face, but not her "ugly personality."

She's an artificial beauty: vulnerable, fragile, and struggling for love. Will she manage to get the love of her life?

This is the ultimate love story that portrays every woman's dream. Be ready for a hilarious, stylish, gorgeous but sad romance.

Honami Saotome is made out of plastic. She's the artificial beauty. Honami seems to have the ideal life, working as a fashion model. Actually, behind her perfect face is a unfortunate girl, born into a family that has a long history of "the ugly bug." During her childhood, she was bullied for being ugly, and dumped tragically by the boy she liked. To bid farewell to all that and start a new life, she decides to have plastic surgery on her entire body. Thanks to her decision, she now leads the life of a princess. Nobody knows that behind her glamorous lifestyle, is a girl afraid that her secret may be found out, or that her face may fall apart. She struggles with her ugly personality that just won't wash away. Though Honami has the inner strength of never giving up, her arrogance of doing anything for her own happiness is just too much.

The other leading character is Ryusui Fujishima, the heir to a grand master of flower arrangement, whose philosophy is, "flower arrangement starts from hating flowers." Within this friendly gentleman who hates formality, is a lonely heart that won't let others in. This is a man that shows no arrogance despite the position he's in. He's actually tired of high society where relationships are just superficial. Ryusui is a man who values essence more than appearance, whether it's flowers or people. Thus, he is attracted not to Honami's looks, but to her tough and bold personality: like a wild flower growing between rocks.

J-drama lovers said   Source :

1.  not bad [Rating: 7/10]
enjoy watching this casue of the way they explain how ryoko used to be ugly...funny when she is so worried abt ple finding out and sweet at times when her childhood fren likes her since young and tries to protect her
Reviewed by himitsu on 29 May 2003
2.  A bit empty but still worth watching [Rating: 7/10]
This drama still employs a lot of the successful traits of most japanese dramas. It touches on the most obvious issue, which is having your appearance altered. There are so many things to go on with after that, such as "would the other person like them if they knew how they looked originally?", or "do things really change after the surgery?", and so on. This drama also tries to raise some moral issues, and explores other human traits, like most Japanese dramas. However, it's a bit empty throughout; you just don't feel for what the characters are saying or how they are feeling. They tried to make it touching but at the same time humorous, and the result was just a bit of both. But it's creative with the use of the fable as a background and other objects that they use throughout the story, such as flowers and the moon. I have to give them credit for that!
Reviewed by Hiro Toyo on 18 January 2004
Reviewed by turbozed730 on 24 February 2004
3.  Ii Dorama desu [Rating: 8/10]
Ryoko chan is soooo funny in this. She has such charisma and "sugar power" to bring out the Honami character. I really like this dorama, light mood, great music, and well-paced story (I liked the story board about the Busu twins).

I like the way it ended too and its philosophy - Beauty IS important, damn right.
Reviewed by FierceStriker on 26 March 2004
4.  Nothing "Artificial" about this Beauty [Rating: 10/10]
Without any doubt, this romantic comedy (I don't care what people say, this ain't a drama) is a showcase for Yonekura Ryoko. She carries the entire series from beginning to end on her beautiful shoulders, and does it marvelously. Her character, Saotome Honami, evolves from the shallow, beauty-at-all-costs, spoiled girl to a thoughtful, considerate woman, all in part to her love for a stoic, respected ikebana master. Ryoko deftly demonstrates her wonderful flair for comedy throughout the series, but also a convincing sadness in the various dramatic scenes. And is Ryoko adorable, charasmatic, and beautiful? A big "YES" on all counts. A thoroughly and totally enjoyable romantic comedy.
Reviewed by bmwracer on 11 April 2004
5.  What a thrill! [Rating: 9/10]
From the first episode, I was hooked. The show is extremely funny, largely thanks to the immensely talented and beautiful Ryoko Yonekura (she's so beautiful I keep forgetting that she's a natural beauty). She portrays her character flawlessly and I fell for it totally. The storyline is pretty cute and every episode made me crave for more. I finished all 11 episodes in 1 sitting 0_0. That's how addictive this series can be. I like how the playful Honami and cool Ryusui are paired together. I thought it was a perfect pairing and appealed to the romantic in me ;P If only stuff like that happen in real life. Anyways, this drama is definitely worth a watch!
Reviewed by hugefan on 16 October 2004
6.  Underrated dorama that delivers for romantics! [Rating: 9/10]
This dorama was actually one of the better ones of 2002, yet overlooked by many because it lacks the "star power" of a Kimura Takuya. The storyline addresses two major issues in Japanese society today: First, the huge obstacles placed against couples from different social status who want to marry (common problem where I lived in Kyoto & Tokyo); Secondly, the prejudice shown against those who opt for plastic surgery to improve their facial or body features (Which is so hypocritical when you consider how many Japanese actors & singers stay popular ONLY because of their own plastic surgery.) Yonekura Ryoko, as a beautiful and brassy model, delivers the most enthusiastic performance I've seen since Yamaguchi Tomoko's model role in Long Vacation. The problem is that talented Yonekura doesn't nearly have the supporting cast here as Tomoko did in LV, although Hanami's family will grow on you. Konishi Minami is also stunning eye-candy in her unique role. This is a funny, warm, and clever dorama that accurately portrays how important social status remains in Japan when it comes to relationships. While there is a deeper plot here than most give credit for, Seikei Bijin also provides a window into the stuffy world of ikebana in Japan, which I never much appreciated until now. The dorama music is memorable in a romantic, longing sort of way as the two main characters sort out their feelings for one another, in light of so many who are against their union. If you can sit still for more than 5 minutes at a time without falling asleep, you probably will enjoy this dorama and learn something about Japanese values & true love in the process.
Reviewed by meruchan on 31 January 2005
7.  The Funny and The Good One [Rating: 8/10]
Okay the story was funny and quaite emberassing (Ryoko). She aftered Kippei every where and decide not to give up so easily (with funny way) to make him love her, and yet after that he interested to her and was falling in love to her.

And it's sure a happy ending, but it is a short ending too.

The soundtrack is good and match with the drama.
Reviewed by rinarina on 31 January 2005
8.  Not to be missed!! [Rating: 10/10]
The extraordinary chemistry between the two leads is almost magical. And it will take some magic for the goose dressed in swan's feathers to win over the handsome Prince!
Reviewed by Eve on 9 June 2005
9.  a debacle of a drama, ryoko is horrid [Rating: 2/10]
after laboring through this, i felt compelled to write a review. seikei bijin tries to pass itself off as meaningful, talking about how inner beauty is most important. and yet, it would be abhorrent, even at the end, for honami to go back to her 'ugly' self. the drama rags on honami's ugly past and her ugly family. she singlehandedly ruined ryusei's life with lies and deceit, but she's hot so he ends up with her anyways. how sweet (ugh...) my last comment concerns yonekura ryoko. RYOKO CAN'T ACT. when she's acting, you can tell she thinks she's all that, what a turnoff. she's not even that good looking. the scriptwriters know this, so they always cast her in superficial dramas to make her look like an idiot, and she willingly obliges. what a joke...
Reviewed by gqstyle09 on 16 July 2005
10.  Ryoko carries the show! [Rating: 8/10]
An unusually enjoyable jdorama with some rather quirky characters. Supported by a rather original story, Yonekuro Ryoko clearly carried the show with her superb acting, capturing the character of Honami exceptionally well. The rest of the cast was decent and the plot made for an enjoyable albeit predictable watch. Definitely a must watch simply to see Yonekura Ryoko's hilarious performance as Honami!
Reviewed by Shindou on 1 April 2006 Acrylic Plastic Acrylic Drain Dish drainer clear dish drainer
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