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Sutther (Thai movie DVD)
Ananda Everingham , Natthaveeranuch , Thongmee
Sutther (Thai movie DVD)

Language : Thai
Subtitle : English,Chinese S T(What is it ?)
Media : DVD Region 3
Genre : Horror
# of Disc : 1 Disc
Released : 2004
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A young photographer and his girlfriend accidentallyhit a woman with their car on their way back from aparty. They decide to make a hit and run but soonenough weird things start appearing in the photo-graphers photos. It doesn't take too long before theyrealize that the haunting memories of the accidentisn't the only thing haunting them. The woman isback for revenge, forcing the couple to do someinvestigation on the woman in order to know how tosurvive this living nightmare.

It's not often that a good horror flick comes outof Thailand, but when they occasionally do theytend to be really good. Shutter is an excellentexample of just how great a Thai flick can be. Themovie sticks to the same old Asian ghost flickconcept where a longhaired girl pops up every nowand then for a good scare, BUT this one has gotsomething that most of the other Ju-On and Ringrip-offs doesn't have; it's got a good and wellpolished script. It doesn't just have a girlpopping up every now and then, it also blends thestory together with real paranormal activity.It shows us real pictures of ghosts and doesn'thave the longhaired girl show in every photo butsometimes there just seems to be like a whitereflection on the photo, just like in real ghostphotographs.

The acting is great and since there are so fewcharacters it's very easy to root for them. I evenfound myself rooting for the ghost. That's anotheringenious thing about this movie. The ghost isn'tjust a mean bitch, you can really understand whyshe's doing the things that she's doing and whyshe so desperately needs revenge.

Shutter is without a doubt the scariest Thai horrorflick since The Eye. It provides plenty of scareswhile still being interesting throughout the movieand not feeling like a total rip-off.

Shutter is scary, interesting and verycreepy and takes off very early in the movieso that we get to be scared through the entirething.

Tun, a 25-year-old photographer, found some lights appearing on his pictures that he had taken with his friends. The lights were in mysterious and different shapes. Some pictures appeared to have someone standing in front of the camera blocking the whole scene, when in reality no such thing happened during the pictures were taken.Tun was skeptical until he enlarged the picture and he was convinced that the light did look like the woman's face. His friends die mysteriously one by one. Then he decides to find out for the history behinds those pictures, which keep haunting him...

Special Features:

- Theatrical Trailers
- Scoop In The Picture
- Feature
- Interview With Director and Casts
- Behind The Scenes Acrylic Plastic Acrylic Drain Dish drainer clear dish drainer
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