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Searching for My Polestar ( Japanese TV series )
AKA : Tentai Kansoku
Ito Hideaki , Sakaguchi Kenji , Odagiri Joe , Koyuki , Tabata Tomoko
Searching for My Polestar ( Japanese TV series )

Language : Japanese
Subtitle : English,Chinese T(What is it ?)
Media : DVD All region NTSC Format
Genre : Action
Duration : 12 Episodes ( 3 Discs )
Released : July 2008
Product code : 2200380
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 Deluxe version with Proper English subtitle

The main characters of "Searchin' for My Polestar" are 7 friends that met at college while in the astronomic observation club "Sagittarius." Being in the club was just an excuse for them to go to the beach in summer, and skiing in winter. Actually, the only time they ever observed any stars was at summer camp during their senior year.

Dreaming of a bright future, the seven exchange vows for eternal friendship. However, over the next several years, their busy schedules cause them to begin drifting apart.

It's been 3 years since that summer when they laughed together gazing at the stars. Will their friendship continue to drift farther and farther apart? Or will they manage to strengthen their friendship again? --Fuji TV

Hear what other J-drama lovers said about the series.  Source :

1.  searchin for my polestar.. [Rating: 9/10]
a story about friendship, love and most importantly.. about life. this story revolves around 7 university friends.. and how life after uni. is all about.. very interesting plotline.. and the actors fit in the roles so well. this story overall.. is heartwarming and it tells u more about life and friends that u would ever learn.. not to be missed.. plus its backed with a great soundtrack.. bump of chicken and mika nakashima's song add great depth to the story.. 9/10
Reviewed by sadako-sempai on 17 November 2003
2.  friendship [Rating: 8/10]
watch this n u'll definitely appreciate your friends more
Reviewed by juliana_phang on 13 December 2003
3.  Great Drama !! [Rating: 10/10]
Great Drama! I have been wanting to watch it and I was not dissappointed.

The show is very touching and meaningful. Friendship is very important and the bond between is very touching.

The actors and actresses has very good act, especially during towards the last part. Ending was a bit sad though, but life still moves on.

Manami is really great in this show!!! I think that she acted very well in it.. daisuki!
Reviewed by cass_dust on 11 May 2004
4.  Sorry... too un-original. [Rating: 4/10]
If you've never seen, or for some reason can't remember, Ai to iu na no moto ni, go for this one, the faces here are fresh and talented but the plot is WAY too similar. And then people in this site dare compare Boku Dake no Madonna to Long Vacation...
Reviewed by UWFShooter on 11 June 2004
5.  Superb actign from the cast! [Rating: 8/10]
Great songs featured in the show, so-so plot, actors who can act and good-looking people in the show== quite a good drama
Reviewed by Maine on 24 December 2004
6.  Ii yo! [Rating: 8/10]
I'm about halfway through the show. Plotwise the show was kind of weak from somewhere around the beginning, having parts which occassionaly made me snigger in disbelief. The gorgeous cast and the habit of watching a Jdrama every sunday night had me following the show though, and it's good i did that because the plot has grown so much more engaging. Yuka/Tomoya is especially enchanting and portrays so well the struggles inside him your heart goes out to his character when he decided to, at a function, to --- i wont post further more cos this would be a potetial spoiler! ---

i'm glad they're showing this over here every sunday night now, there would be something to look forward to each weekend! also the ending theme song by Mika Nakashima is wonderful and sums up the mood perfectly.
Reviewed by mochi on 3 January 2005
7.  Give it a chance [Rating: 9/10]
I would say this drama is one of the better ones around, at least those shown by the local tv station. Only caught it from epi 5 or 6, but got hooked. Every epi, there is something that touched my heart. Its really a good drama really, wish people would have bothered to watch it despite it not having the usual well known jap artistes. Joe Odagiri is kakoii! haha
Reviewed by stellaowen on 9 January 2005
8.  Great Drama [Rating: 9/10]
This really was a great drama, one of the few really, really meaningful dramas that I've seen thus far. I loved how the series developed each character and there was not one person out of the Sagittarius group that I disliked. In fact, I could almost say that I admired each one of them to a certain extent.

The theme of friendship is really strong in this series and the fact that they were able to pull through so many of life's struggles because they helped each other was really touching. I also liked how it dealt with the idea of achieving your dreams, no matter what they are, no matter what position you are in. The positive note overlies the fact that there were so many downs in each person's life. I really loved this series.

I believe each actor and actress did a superb job. ^_^
Reviewed by donna8157 on 3 February 2005
9.  o.k [Rating: 10/10]
Reviewed by TeruJoe on 27 April 2005
10.  okay [Rating: 10/10]
Reviewed by joe_cute on 27 April 2005 Acrylic Plastic Acrylic Drain Dish drainer clear dish drainer
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