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Fighting Girl (Japanese TV Series)
Fukada Kyoko , Yoon Son Ha , Sakaguchi Kenji , Amami Yuki , Hirayama Aya , Yasui Kenichiro
Fighting Girl (Japanese TV Series)

Language : Japanese
Subtitle : English,Chinese T(What is it ?)
Media : DVD All region NTSC Format
Genre : Comedy Romantic
Duration : 08 Episodes ( 3 Discs )
Released : July 2001
Product code : 2200124MPE
Other Info : MPEG Entertainment
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Fukada plays Sayoko, a tough, 19-year-old with ambition, energy and nowhere to direct it. Her father clearly favors her blind 16-year-old sister. Junior college is unstimulating. She is fired from her part time job in a dress shop because she is too diligent at catching shoplifters and slaps them around a bit when she does. Even her boyfriend opts out for a more docile girl, but Sayoko doesn't think she is tough enough.

Coming home on the train, she nonchalantly puts on her makeup and changes her shirt, oblivious to the other passengers' silent glares, until Ami (South Korean actress Yoon Son Ha) confronts her. They stare each other down and Sayoko gets off. The passengers commend the Korean student but she scoffs at them too, asking, "Instead of praising me, why don't you say something yourself?"

A few days later Ami is also the one who comes to the aid of Sayoko's sister, who has sprained her ankle when pushed on the platform. Ami can't understand whether the Japanese are kind or cold. They all look worried about you but no one steps forward to help, she tells the girl.

In gratitude, Sayoko's poor father invites Ami for expensive sushi. She shows up with five friends to make things more cheery and in doing so, shows a lack of cross-cultural understanding herself.

Life gets more complicated when Sayoko goes to the beach to sulk and comes across a frustrated rich kid who she fends off with her considerable kickboxing skills. She loses her new belly-button jewel in the process, a guarantee they will meet again.

Hear what other j-drama lovers said about the series.   Source :

1.  Above Average [Rating: 8/10]
The one thing I enjoyed about this Dorama was Yoon Son Ha, she is rather pretty & can act decent too :D, really looking forward to her next dorama "Seoul Love Story"?... I think she acts with that guy from "S.O.S" .. Kubozuka Yosuke?

Well, enough about that! I found the drama quite interesting, especially the relationship between Kyoko Fukada & Yoon Son Ha, but I didn't really like how it ended, the ending could have been better (ps* As usual Kyoko Fukada was good)
Reviewed by JohnnyBoy_3000 on 11 November 2001
2.  Not spectacular, but not awful.... [Rating: 6/10]
I am editing this because I finally have the option and have seen more stuff in 3 years! ^^;; I am familiar with Fukada Kyoko san's work, and I must say I'm not a fan of her in general. This dorama showed her as a very aggressive girl, which was new for me to see, and it was actually kinda refreshing. I couldn't adjust to the strawberry blond-ish hair on her though! :P Getting to the point, this dorama wasn't terribly exciting. The story didn't seem very dramatic, but enjoyed it somewhat. But any fan of Fukada san would probably like to see this one. Or, anyone like me who doesn't really like her and prefers not to see her whine and pout, hehehe. Yoon Son Ha played a likeable character as well, and her Japanese is quite good!
Reviewed by KouSeiya315 on 14 December 2001
3.  A bit boring... [Rating: 6/10]
The story's a bit boring in the middle. Not a nice ending too but it encourages one to go for what they want to do in life. A fresh role & look for Kyoko san. The blonde hair look takes a while to adjust. The Korean girl speaks good Japanese surprisingly.
Reviewed by Amy on 6 January 2002
4.  I liked the idea [Rating: 7/10]
I liked this drama. Granted, there wasn't much to it, but I thought the portrayal of this headstrong girl was cool. I like alot of the outfits as well, and was very happy to see an actress with some curves, this being Fukada Kyoko. It could have been much better, and the end really did nothing for me. But again I liked the idea, and the message that it sent.
Reviewed by Namielove on 10 January 2002
5.  I like this one [Rating: 9/10]
When I saw some first episodes of this dorama.
Actually, I didn't really like it.
Very boring and made me want to sleep -_-.
But, after I saw the others episodes I started to like.
The story tell me that live isn’t easy and everything has the end and always change.
I think the ending is quite strange.
I still guess whether it’s happy ending or sad ending. Acrylic Plastic Acrylic Drain Dish drainer clear dish drainer
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