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Trick 1 (Japanese TV Series DVD)
Nakama Yukie , Abe Hiroshi , Nogiwa Yoko , Namase Katsuhisa , Ito Yuko
Trick 1 (Japanese TV Series DVD)

Language : Japanese
Subtitle : English,Chinese S T(What is it ?)
Media : DVD All region NTSC Format
Duration : 11 Episodes ( 3 Discs )
Released : September 2000
Product code : 2200506
Other Info : MPEG Entertainment
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Although 23 year old Yamada Naoko (Nakama Yukie) is a super magician, she is continuously fired and constantly hounded by her landlady for the rent being late. After being fired once again, her boss shows her an ad of a physics professor, a non-believer of all things magical, offering money to anyone who can prove to him that magic is real. Desperately needing the money, Naoko accepts the challenge, which is how she comes to meet Professor Ueda (Abe Hiroshi). Falling prey to her simple magic tricks, Ueda is impressed, and enlists Naoko to help him uncover the tricks behind a local cult. Their hilarious antics, along with those of police officer Yabe, leads them onto further mysteries, all with tricks needing to be solved in sort of an X-Files meets Scooby-Doo...

Nakama Yukie
Yamada Naoko
Abe Hiroshi
Ueda Jiro



1.  Trick [Rating: 9/10]
This was a very entertaining yet confusing drama. By confusing, I mean somethings are not clearly explained enough, and sometimes scenes change too quickly, so you cannot comprehend what happened. Also, this is like a television show more than a drama, every two to three episodes, the plot of the episode changes a little bit, but the characters remain the same. It is wonderful, the acting is superb, as is the music and comedy.
Reviewed by Hanada Tattsu on 22 September 2003
2.  Japanese version of X-Files! [Rating: 7/10]
There seems to be general consent that this drama was fun to watch yet confusing at times. I'd have to say I agree but maybe
this is the beauty of the drama so to say. It built up a sense of "huh" and left you with a sense of "Ohh so thats what happned". Despite all the confusion I really liked the chemistry between the two main characters; it always left me saying "Cmon! When are you guys gonna hook up already!". I also enjoyed how this drama could throw in random blips of comedy in midst of seriousness and suspense. It really helped lighten up the mood of the drama. It reminds me of a Japanese version of X-files but in a more light hearted way.
Reviewed by Uchiha Potato on 13 October 2003
3.  Hilarious! [Rating: 9/10]
Okay, I'm a sucker for detective stuff, so I kind of liked figuring out the tricks behind each episode. But above the interesting tricks used in each story, I loved the chemistry between Abe Hiroshi and Nakama Yukie.

Nakama Yukie plays "Yamada Naoko," a magician with a distaste for fraudulent spritualists and magicians. Her mother is a calligraphy teacher and her late father was a famous magician who also exposed many false mediums and spiritualists. Abe Hiroshi's character, "Ueda Jiro," is an assistant physics professor at Nihon Ka-Gi-Dai (Nihon Kagaku Gijutsu Daigaku). He meets Naoko when he puts out a call for real spiritualists or mediums (I won't say why). He, like Naoko, doesn't believe in spiritual mediums and the sorts, but because of his book smarts, he fails to see outside of the box, and often gets fooled.

Also starring Namase Katsuhisa as "Detective Yabe," and "Nogiwa Yoko as Naoko's mother, "Satomi."

I think their similarities--they're both anti-social, immature and strange--makes for the perfect love-hate relationship that so many great male-female comedy duos have. You wind up caring about them, and that, ultimately, is what makes this show so great! Hence, the two sequels, the movie, the books, the get the idea.

What to look for? The ad-libbed humor, which was right-on and their perfect comedic timing! For the most part, the stories were in two parts, to create drama, I suppose. Only episode 8, I think, was the only stand-alone episode.
Reviewed by tsuyoshi7nhwi on 21 November 2003
4.  Very very good and addictive~ [Rating: 10/10]
Out of all the doramas, I think this series is soooo refreshing, original and awesome. The actors are all great and it HAS everything! Great plot, mysteries, a bit of the supernatural, comedy, and a "is it there or not" romance between to the two main characters. What's not to love about it? Highly recommended. Love Nakama Yukie and Abe Hiroshi. Onitsuka Chihiro's song is excellent too. Would have left this review way earlier if I knew this forum existed!
Reviewed by tsuki77 on 10 January 2004
5.  Innovative style [Rating: 9/10]
Very intersting comedy. Abe and Nakama is the best choice of actor/actress for this drama. A really fresh and innovative style of drama not seen before.
Reviewed by fukatsu on 9 February Acrylic Plastic Acrylic Drain Dish drainer clear dish drainer
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